7 Popular Short Prayers for Children’s

Short Prayers for Children

Praying is a great and beautiful way for kids to communicate and express their thankfulness and faith with Almighty. They will build a relationship with the god from their young age and hold on to it for the rest of their eternal life. 

Prayers are become easy for children to remember and enjoy as well when they contain fun rhymes and meanings in them. It’s very hard at start to get toddlers and small children to sit still for some time let alone engage in a focused way with an invisible God.

Here are some simple and short prayers that can say with the children or by them alone each day. They can even sing the prayers! Singing is a great way to help small kids remember the words and make their prayer more engaging. So, the 7 popular short prayers for children’s are following :

7 popular short prayers for children’s are following :

1. Thank You, God!

Praying girl

It is one of the simplest prayers that a small child can be understood and remembered very easily.  Thankfulness is a natural expression of love. Gratitude flows from a sense of devotion. This prayer is about thanking the God for all the things he has provided to us in the form of nature, food, birds and almost everything.

“Thank you God, for the world so sweet,

Thank you God, for the food we eat,

Thank you God, for the birds that sing,

Thank you God, for everything!”


2. Table Blessing

Praying girl

It is the shortest and easiest prayer of the collection; children’s can say this prayer before eating lunch every day.

“God is great! God is good!

Let us thank God for our food.”


3. Lord in Heaven

Heaven sky

This is the prayer who asks for God’s care and guidance. It also asks God to bless all the other people who love us.

“Lord in heaven, hear my prayer,

Keep me in your loving care.

Be my guide in all I do.

Bless all those who love me, too.”


4. Angel Blessing at Bedtime

Angel Boy

This prayer asks blessing angels to keep their watch over the child.

“Angels bless, and angels keep

Angels guard me while I sleep

Bless my heart and bless my home

Bless my spirit as I roam

Guide and guard me through the night

and wake me with the morning’s light.”


5. Counting My Blessings

God Blessings

As says we don’t deserve God’s blessings, But God enjoys blessing his children and wants to bless you! God promises to bless you IF you follow his instructions. Every promise has a premise; there’s a condition attached. This prayer will help the little children’s count their blessings and ask for forgiveness when they make any mistakes.

“I count my blessings, God, 1-2-3-4,

Mommy, Daddy, friends and even more!

With my warm, snuggly bed and my cuddly, brown bear,

I might be the luckiest kid anywhere!”


6. Now I lay me down

Angel Boy

Praying before bed is an old, well-loved tradition. Saying bedtime prayers every night can help a child develop a habit of praying regularly and reduces stress levels in both adults and children. They are to be short and simple for the kids, but sometimes that is what we need the most.

“Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

Watch and guard me through the night,

and wake me with the morning light.”

Alternative Version of “Now I lay me down”:

“Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take.”


7. Dear God most high

Angel Toon

“Dear God most high, hear and bless

Thy beasts and singing birds,

And guard with tenderness

Small things that have no words.”



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