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“Friends” is the poem by American author Abbie Farwell, where she describes that there are so many things in the nature that can be play the role of friends. It explains the many ways that nature, such as the Wind, Sky, and Sunshine can provide the protection from the fear like a close friend.

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Answer : Friendship poems in which an attempt is made to show the bond of very dear friendship of man, it is shown how a friend understands every little things of his other friend and is ready to support each other in every situation It remains, this bond of friendship is threaded with great love in the form of lines in poems, due to which the poems come alive and remind the reader of some or the other old friend.

Answer : From friendship poems we get this lesson we should make good friends who support us in every situation and when we need it, we are able to get out of uncomfortable situations, sometimes when we do not support ourselves but a good friend is with you Will always stand still, no matter how much honey he has, so we should make our friends by thinking and testing.

Answer : The hallmark of a good friend is that he stands by you even in those situations where everything is not necessarily right. The poet tries to teach us in his poems that how friendship is played, the poet fills the lines of his poems with many such names who have not known how many sacrifices have been made for friendship and tries to teach the same to the children. That’s how friendship is played out.

Answer : The foundation of friendship is laid on trust, when friendship starts losing trust, then friendship starts to weaken, so we should avoid breaking our mutual trust. Greed should not be included in friendship, otherwise we will do some work which will benefit ourselves but the friend may lose, we should not make such friends.

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