Educational Poems

Picture Books
Picture Books

It is a poem describing how picture books enable children to explore the world within their own imagination and make connections to characters that are depicted, the book becomes real to them.

Being Brave At Night
Being Brave At Night

It is a poem describing the deeper imagination of young children at bedtime when they waiting to fall asleep, all of their worry about invading giants, ghosts or elephants. It is also shows their trust, believe, and how safe they feel by just the presence of their parents with them at the time of nightmares.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on 'Educational Poems'

Answer : Educational poems provide educational knowledge to the children, it is often found in young children that they are very clear mind, away from the understanding of good and bad, due to which sometimes they have to decide right or wrong. There is difficulty in this, educational poems are made keeping this thinking in mind so that children can know the difference between good and bad by listening and reading educational things and they can gradually be able to take decisions of their life. It is very helpful in making children capable and self-reliant.

Answer: Educational poems have a lot of importance in the life of children because educational songs provide moral knowledge to children, educational poems are full of educative lines, listening to which children often slowly start to understand and take decisions which children It is very important for us, the educative poems are made keeping in mind the idea that by listening to these poems, the society can move forward on the instructive ideology.

Answer : Children have been listening to poems from the very beginning, due to which they like to listen to poems and somewhere they find the educational things done in them educational, so they slowly start following those things which they Enables them to take important and good decisions of their life and help them to become good human beings.

Answer : Instructional poems encourage children’s enthusiasm because they feel very happy when they listen to educative children’s songs and know that the good things given in them are already present in them.


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