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Kids rhymes, poems, stories or fairy tales, and riddles overflow with imagination, adventure and wonder. It’s the best way to uncork a child’s imagination and release their desire to learn that will continue through life.

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History's greatest minds weren’t afraid to imagine. So the greatest inventions ever invented began with imagining. Albert Einstein said:

 “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

What gift to give a child. And to think . . .
                  … it can all start with a simple nursery rhyme or a poem or a bedtime story.

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With great stories, the possibilities for a child to explore, express, understand emotions, problems, problem-solving, habits, and much more are truly limitless!

We have lots of great children’s stories for you to share. Please enjoy these great moral stories, bedtime stories, fairy-tales, and mythological stories for children’s.

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RhymesLyrics selected collection of Bedtime stories, fairy tales and folktales, kids poems and mother goose rhymes have been passed down and recited for hundreds or even thousands of years. And, so is the goal our website RhymesLyrics.com. To keep those rhymes, poems, and stories alive. To keep the imaginations of the children alive and flourishing.

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Please enjoy our collection of rhymes, poems, riddles, prayers, and stories lyrics. Tell your friends about RhymesLyrics. Visit often. Share a lyric with a friend or loved one. Never be afraid to imagine. Never be afraid to dream. Start with the links provided and read as long as you like. We’ll be here anytime you need inspiration or a get-away. Happy reading from Team RhymeLyrics. 

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