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Answer : A special day could be a birthday or some other day related to our loved ones. Yet when the years pass through and through, A special day which are connected to happiness and good memories of a person which the person never wants to forget and like to celebrate every year like birthdays, anniversaries, mother day etc.

Answer : All together with anything is a special day in itself. A poem on a special day can be a birthday poem or any other holiday poem, any day when something happened in your life that is worth remembering is called a special day, the poet celebrates his special days in a very charming way. If it is put in words, then that article is called poetry on a particular day.

Answer : Poetry is very important in everyone’s life because special days are associated with your good memories, which come in everyone’s life and have their own importance, everyone likes to celebrate these special days. Poems are used so that the person associated with those memories feels more joy and happiness.

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