Clever Fish

Clever Fish

Lyrics of 'Clever Fish'

One day a fisherman was fishing to a river as usual. He through his net into the river, he just sat waiting there for fish to get in so that he could sell a lot of fish in the market and get some good money out of it.

After some time, fisherman heard some sound in the net and think that he must have got a lot of fish in the net. He took out the net out of water but then to his dismay, he saw just one tiny little fish in that net.

He grabs hold of that fish, but then suddenly the fish started talking to him. Tiny little fish said to the fisherman “O fisherman please, please leave me, please leave me, otherwise I will die, I will die out of water”.

But fisherman did not give any attention to the request of the fish. But then again, the tiny little fish said to the fisherman “O fisherman I will tell you something which is of your help”.

Fish continues saying “If you leave me back in water I will tell all my friends about you and I will bring them near to the bank of the river so that when you come next time you will have much more fish”. 

Fisherman thought to himself “Wow that’s not bad deal at all”. He was thinking “if I let go one time a little fish today, tomorrow I will get a lot of more fish because this tiny little fish will bring all his friends to me“.

Believing the words of this tiny little fish fisherman let go this tiny little fish into the river again. This tiny little fish was really happy, and it swam away happily into the river never to come back. 

Poor fisherman, he came next day expecting that there will be a lot of fish that this tiny little fish would bring, but that tiny little fish was very clever and because of his cleverness he save his life from this fisherman.

Moral of 'Clever Fish'

You have to be really clever always to save your life from any challenging moments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on 'Clever Fish'

Answer : Fisherman was fishing in the river.

Answer : The fish was tiny.

Answer : The fisherman got only one tiny fish.

Answer : There are millions fishes in the river.

Answer : Fishermen put nets in the river to catch fishes.

Answer : The fish was telling the fisherman ‘please let me go, otherwise I will die out of the water’.

Answer : The fish said to the fisherman ‘leave me today, I promise tomorrow I will bring many fish here and then you catch them’.

Answer : Fisherman leaves fish in the river and accepts fish’s condition.

Answer : Fisherman came next day expecting that there will be a lot of fish that tiny little fish would bring, So he put nets in the river.

Answer : No, fish did not return back.

Answer : Moral of the story is ‘You have to be really very clever always to come out of the challenging time of your life’.

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