The dog and the donkey

The Dog and the Donkey

Lyrics of 'The Dog and the Donkey'

Once upon a time, there lived a pet dog and a donkey in a house of a farmer in village.

The donkey carried loads for the man in the business and dog guarded his house all the time. One day it was a hot afternoon of summer.

The dog was sleeping quietly after having meal under the shady veranda. Suddenly there was some strange noise outside. The dog just lifted up his head to look after the noise and went to sleep in veranda again.

The donkey who was standing nearby the dog asked “why don’t you bark and alert the master, it could be thieves in the house“.

The dog replied to the donkey “it will be better if you mind your own business“. But the donkey would not listen to the dog, and he wanted to save his master from thieves at any cost. He started to bray heavily.

The owner who was sleeping after so much heavy work in the fields woke up due to the noise made by the donkey. He got wild with the donkey and came running out with a stick. Without thinking much he gives hard beatings to the donkey for his act.

Moral of 'The Dog and the Donkey'

It is always better to mind our own business.