The Wolf and the Crane

The Wolf and the Crane

Lyrics of 'The Wolf and the Crane'

Once upon a time a wolf was lucky to get hold of a nice dinner. He sat at his place and started to eat the food he got luckily.

He was very clever wolf and it was a very nice time when he got that food alone that’s why he doesn’t want to share the food with anyone else. He was eating the food very much hurriedly that a small piece of bone got stuck in his throat very badly.

He tried to swallow the bone but it was very bad time for him because he tried to spit out, but nothing worked out. The bone won’t move from throat. He got afraid. He was thinking “if I can’t take the bone out, I can’t eat. I will die of Hunger”, we thought sadly.

Suddenly he remembered the crane his friend who lived nearby. He thought,” the crane has a long neck; she can reach in deep and take out the bone easily. Only she can take him out from this trouble and pain.

So he went to the crane and said “Oh, My dear friend!!! Please help me and take out the bone from my neck. I will be very thankful to you and definitely I will pay well“.

The crane was his very good friend very kind in nature from the heart and took out the bone and asked for her fees. The wolf replied “Aren’t you happy that you put your head into my mouth and got it out safely?  Ha, ha, ha! Forget the fees my dear.”

Moral of 'The Wolf and the Crane'

It is always better to mind our own business.