Folk Songs

Here is the best collection of some very popular modern and traditional folk songs for the toddlers and young children’s to learn with lyrics.
Dance to Your Daddy
Dance to Your Daddy

It is a traditional English folk song from North-East England. It became popular when it was used as the theme tune of a TV series in 1970 on BBC, also called “When the Boat Comes In”. It has also featured in a TV advertisement for fish products.

Hokey Cokey
Hokey Cokey

It is a joyful kids' nursery rhyme and participation song. Most often it is performed as an action songs or dancing songs where children must perform certain actions during the lyrics. At the social gatherings, this song encourages to dance in a group.

Frog Went A Courtin
Frog Went A Courtin

It is a very old traditional folk song from Scotland where Frog rides to ask Miss Mouse to marry him. She is willing but must ask permission of Uncle Rat.

girls and boys come out to play
Girls and Boys Come Out To Play

It is one of the truly historical nursery rhymes dealing with child poverty and child labor. It refers to the time when most children had to work "Those who would eat must work" and there was little time for play.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on 'Folk Songs'

Answer : The songs sung in a particular province are called folk songs, these songs are full of the glimpse of culture, customs of that particular country, folk songs which are sung by not only one person but a whole province which is prevalent in a particular province and There are songs to be liked, these songs are often taken to weddings, festivals and any happy occasions which are met by the people of that province.

Answer : Folk songs are songs that are sent by the people of the same province directly out of the hearts of a particular people, for singing folk songs, they used simple drummer and other common folk instruments found in that province. It is known that folk songs are a mirror of the province in which a particular country is known. Folk songs are a reflection of the personal feelings of that particular country.

Answer : Folk songs that go to any particular province are a symbol of social practices for the children of that province. These children are aware of the customs, beliefs, practices and language of that province and start to understand and follow the folk songs of the society.

Answer : Folk songs are the songs of the public directly, so the music given in them is also the music of the people, this music is made with the help of simple musical instruments such as ordinary drummer, flute, Cymbal etc.

Answer : Entertainment is the most important reason for increasing popularity of folk songs in Indian society. In these folk songs, the section of the illiterate and poor society who used to create these songs for their entertainment to entertain them and use these songs in their festivals and celebrations. But as the scope of these songs is increasing, the popularity of these songs is also increasing due to which the ordinary instruments which were used to give music in folk songs are now replaced by the good instruments in their place.

Answer : Folk songs of women are very popular. In ancient times, when women used to come together to do some work, they often sang songs for their entertainment, so that they describe all the small things in their mind. They used to sing with each other, which used to make the environment happy, slowly the folk songs started on all the ceremonies, festivals and everyone started participating in it and the available musical instruments were also used. Which are among the most popular songs now.

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