Days of the Week

Here is the best collection of some very popular rhymes for teaching about weekdays and their order to the toddlers and young children’s.
How many days has my baby to play
How Many Days Has My Baby to Play ?

It is a traditional educational rhyme, great to help kids learn all the seven days of the week and the order of the days. This song is ideal for morning meeting, circle time, brain breaks, indoor recess and group activities. Each time you repeat the catchy tune you do it in a different way, such as varying the volume, clapping, and stomping.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on 'Days of the Week'

Answer : rhymes based on weekly days, which make children aware of the names of the days of the week, say seven consecutive days of the week as it becomes very necessary to teach them the names of the days as the children grow older. It can used anywhere in the rhymes so the child gradually learns on listening to the weekly days rhymes.

Answer : Weekly days in rhymes means that the week is made up of seven consecutive days and the names of each of these days are Monday, the second day Tuesday, the third day Wednesday, the fourth day Thursday, the fifth day Friday, the sixth day Saturday, the seventh day and the last day of the week Sunday, these songs include these major seven days in a row of rhyme somewhere so that children can easily remember all the days of the week very easily while listening rhymes.

Answer : In weekly rhymes, the first of the weekdays are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and lastly Sunday.

Answer : The week is considered as a group of seven days in which we are given a name for each day of these seven days, like if the first day is Monday then the last day of the week will be Sunday and if the first day is Tuesday then the last week of the week will be Monday. Similarly you can start from any day, but the last day of the week will be seventh day.

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