Gesture Play Songs

Here is the best collection of some very modern and traditional gesture play songs for the toddlers and young children’s to learn with lyrics.
A Ram Sam Sam
A Ram Sam Sam

"A Ram Sam Sam" is a popular rhyme all over the world. It is originally a Moroccan Arabic song.

A Sailor Went To Sea
A Sailor Went to Sea

Each verse in this classic kids rhyme gets harder and harder, making it super fun to sing! And while singing about the sailor’s adventures children frequently offer their own substitutions.

Cobbler Cobbler mend my shoe
Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe

Although in the past this rhyme was related to the the interaction with the cobbler, today its purpose is more an educational one, the children being able to learn about the cobbler profession and work.

Hokey Cokey
Hokey Cokey

It is a joyful kids' nursery rhyme and participation song. Most often it is performed as an action songs or dancing songs where children must perform certain actions during the lyrics. At the social gatherings, this song encourages to dance in a group.

Here are the Ladys Knives and Forks
Here are the Lady’s Knives and Forks

It is a quite tricky finger play action rhyme. All small children seem to enjoy finger play and although this rhyme was first written down in the nineteenth century, but still it may well be order.