Apple Pie ABC

Apple Pie ABC

This rhyme “Apple Pie ABC” was well-known in the reign of Charles II and the usual title being: The tragical Death of A, Apple Pie Who was caught in Pieces and Eat by Twenty-Five Gentlemen with whom All Little People Ought to be Very well acquainted. Now known as A Apple Pie, it was a favourite for ABC instruction.

The rhyme begins with the line, “Apple pie ABC, all begin with me,” which is repeated throughout the song. Each letter of the alphabet is then introduced in alphabetical order, with a corresponding word or phrase that starts with that letter. For example, “A is for apple pie,” “B is for baked in a pie,” and so on.

“Apple Pie ABC” is probably the oldest alphabet rhyme out there. It has been sung for generations, but it is still popular.

Modern Version as "Apple Pie ABC" Lyrics

Says A,
give me a good large slice!

Says B,
a little bit, but nice.

Says C,
cut me a piece of crust.

Take it, says D,
it’s dry as dust!

Says E, I’ll eat it fast,

I will, Says F,
I vow I’ll have my fill!

Says G,
give it me good and great.

Says H,
a little bit I hate.

Says I,
it’s ice I must request.

Says J,
the juice I love the best.

Says K,
let’s keep it up above.

Says L,
the border’s what I love.

Says M,
it makes your teeth to chatter.

N said, it’s nice,
there’s nought the matter.

O others’ plates with grief surveyed.

P for a large piece begged and prayed.

Q quarrelled for the topmost slice.

R rubbed his hands and said “it’s nice”.

S silent sat,

and simply looked.

T thought,
and said, it’s nicely cooked!

U understood the fruit was cherry.

V vanished when they all got merry.

W wished there’d been a quince in.

X here explained,
he’d need convincing.

Y said, I’ll eat,
and yield to none.

Z, like a zany,
said he’d done.

While ampersand purloined the dish,
And for another pie did wish.

Older Original Version as "A was an Apple Pie" Lyrics

A was an apple pie
B bit it,
C cut it,
D dealt it,
E eat it,
F fought for it,
G got it,
H had it,
I inspected it,
J jumped for it,
K kept it,
L longed for it,
M mourned for it,
N nodded at it,
O opened it,
P peeped in it,
Q quartered it,
R ran for it,
S stole it,
T took it,
U upset it,
V viewed it,
W wanted it,
X, Y, Z and ampersand
All wished for a piece in hand.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on “Apple Pie ABC”

Answer : Edward Lear is the writer of rhyme “Apple Pie ABC”.

Answer : It is a alphabet rhyme which is very helpful for learning the alphabet. Children can easily learn alphabet by listening this rhyme.

Answer : This rhyme is useful for play school, kindergarten children.

Answer : This rhyme is very helpful parents, and preschool teachers. These can be easily understood and learn by the children which is very helpful in teaching process.

Answer : This rhyme is was written in English language.

Some more details based on “Apple Pie ABC”

Apple Pie ABC” is a classic children’s rhyme that is often used to teach children the letters of the alphabet. The rhyme is simple and catchy, making it easy for young children to learn and remember.

As the rhyme progresses, children are encouraged to sing along and practice their alphabet skills. The repetition of the “Apple pie ABC” line throughout the song helps children remember the order of the letters, while the use of familiar words and phrases helps them associate each letter with a concrete object or concept.

In addition to teaching children the alphabet, “Apple Pie ABC” also helps develop their language and literacy skills. By exposing children to a variety of words and phrases, the song helps expand their vocabulary and improve their ability to recognize and identify different sounds and letters.

Overall, “Apple Pie ABC” is a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to the alphabet and help them develop their language and literacy skills. Its catchy tune and simple lyrics make it a favorite among children and educators alike, and it is often used in classrooms, daycares, and other early childhood settings to support learning and development.

Some activities for children's based on "Apple Pie ABC"

  1. Apple Pie Play dough: Make some apple-scented play dough by mixing together flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, and apple pie spice. The apple scent and apple pie spice can also add a fun sensory experience for the children. Let the children mold the play dough into the shapes of letters or objects that start with each letter of the alphabet, such as apples or bears.

Note: This activity promotes sensory exploration, creativity, and reinforces letter and object recognition.

  1. Apple Pie Cooking Activity: Have the children help make a real apple pie by measuring ingredients, stirring the filling, and rolling out the dough. As they work, sing the Apple Pie ABC rhyme and point out the letters and objects mentioned in the song.

Note: This activity promotes teamwork, introduces cooking skills, and reinforces memory skills.

  1. Apple Pie Collage: Give each child a piece of paper and some magazines, newspapers, and/or printed images of different objects. Have them cut out objects that correspond to each letter of the alphabet and glue them onto the paper to make an Apple Pie ABC collage. Encourage them to be creative and use a variety of images and colors.

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