Alphabet and Spelling

Here is the best collection of some very popular modern and traditional rhymes for teaching about the alphabet and spelling to the toddlers and young children’s.

Alphabet Song
Alphabet Song

This ABC alphabet rhyme is for teaching and learning English alphabet.This original song is made for children's, students, babies, toddlers, preschool, and more.

Bingo Song

The children simply love this song about the dog called Bingo. There are probably a lot of dogs out there who are named Bingo because of this song. This nursery rhyme is great for learning spelling.

Apple Pie ABC
Apple Pie ABC

"Apple Pie ABC" is probably the oldest alphabet rhyme out there. It has been sung for generations, but it is still popular.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on 'Alphabet and Spelling'

Answer : Alphabet rhymes which teach children proper knowledge of characters as well as their correct use, these songs also provide knowledge of correct pronunciation of characters, and with the help of these songs we can help children to learn letters very easily.

Answer : The alphabet is very important for children to identify and remember the letters and vowels, in the lines of these songs the children are explained in a very simple language about the vowels, consonants, words, sentences and lines. Children read and listen these rhymes with a lot of concentration, which increases the importance of these rhymes even more.

Answer : The alphabet and spelling rhymes makes children perfect in language knowledge. Young children are very impressed by these rhymes and can easily understand many rules of the language can be easily understood by the children so it is an important part of elementary education.

Answer : The alphabet is formed by the combination of words with clear pronunciation of vowels and consonants in the rhyming language. When children start listening to these songs and repeat them back then the children speak the vowels and consonants clearly, which are a major part of their clearly speaking.


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