Here are the Ladys Knives and Forks

Here are the Lady’s Knives and Forks

“Here are the Ladys Knives and Forks” also known as “Here are Mother’s Knives and Forks” is a quite tricky finger play action rhyme. All small children seem to enjoy finger play and although this rhyme was first written down in the nineteenth century, but still it may well be order.

Hands are first held back to back with the fingers interlaced and pointing upwards to show the knives and forks, then, with fingers still interwoven, the hands are turned over to form the table. Next, the two little fingers are held up in a triangle as the mirror and finally the index fingers are raised in the triangle to complete the baby’s cradle.


“Here are the Ladys Knives and Forks” Lyrics

Here are the lady’s knives and forks,
Here is the lady’s table,
Here is the lady’s looking-glass,
And here is the baby’s cradle.