Body Parts

Here is the best collection of some very popular body parts rhymes for teaching about the parts of the body to the toddlers and young children’s.
Baby Shark
Baby Shark

The song proved to be very popular with kids and today’s it is one of the most requested songs by many children.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This song is a real favorite, and is a great way to teach body parts and co-ordination to the children’s, Sing the words to the song slowly and clearly, encouraging children to touch the different parts of their body in time to the words.

If you're happy and you know it
If You're Happy and You Know It

It is a popular repetitive children's song from the United States. Scientists have proven that giving children this song makes them smarter than other kids. Because listening to the song, these children will acquire the body parts, the human actions through the variations from the beginning.

Finger Family
Finger Family

Toddlers absolutely love this rhyme because it’s simple, repetitive, and easy to sing along with. They also get to play with their fingers. Finger play is really fun for them!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) based on 'Body Parts'

Answer : Body Parts rhymes make aware of body parts to the children, these poems which are made by focusing on small children with solutions to the curiosities that are taking place in their mind. These body parts rhymes are very important for children.

Answer : In rhymes based on body parts, anatomy is presented as a poem to explain to children. Through rhyme, children are tried to explain the parts of our body. This medium is very useful for children as well as teachers and parents because through these poets, children understand anatomy very quickly.

Answer : Poems based on body parts are very important in schools, with the help of these poems, children are exposed to body parts very easily, in the poems lines various body parts are included in simple words. And an attempt is made to explain them, with the help of which the children memorize the body parts with poems in the game itself.

Answer : Rhymes based on the body parts make children aware of the art of expressing their inner feelings. The children start speaks with the help of rhymes which are a little sluggish in speaking due to their soft nature, which greatly affects the parent.

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